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When I made the decision to get fit again, the idea of training at a gym really didn't appeal - seemed so monotonous.

I started training with Steph twice a week in parks around my local area and at her studio. Steph was motivating and fun which made me actually turn up to my sessions!

No training session was the same, and I enjoyed working out in different locations - definitely made it more interesting than going to a gym.

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I originally started training with BrizzyPT to prepare for my wedding last year. I have become so addicted to the amazing feeling I have after my workouts and the results I have achieved that I have now been with BrizzyPT for over a year.

Not only have I achieved incredible results in our sessions, but could also count on their support and guidance with diet and wellbeing. I have trained in gyms previously but have never been able to achieve what I have with BrizzyPT and all in a friendly, caring and personalised atmosphere.

Nerida, Arana HillsRead more

Why train with Brizzy PT?

  • We are results based trainers. We work hard so you work hard.
  • Our trainers are all fully qualified with a minimum cert 4 in fitness and registered with QLD Fitness.
  • We are experts in Weight loss, toning, core stability, boxing etc.
  • We do a comprehensive health assessment including measurements, body fat %, fitness test, strength test, etc. And we reassess every 4-6 weeks to make sure you stay on track.
  • All of our sessions are unique to you as the client and your goals and we include tons of variety in every session so you don’t get bored.
  • We provide dietary advice for weight loss or weight gain.
  • We go the extra mile to make sure you achieve your goals.
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Meet the trainers

Paul Steele

Paul Steele

Experienced, knowledgable, friendly and fun.

Paul has been a PT and strength coach for over 7 years and has enjoyed learning and further developing his skills through a huge range of professional development courses and seminars.

Paul is an Internationally accredited strength coach, biosignature practitioner, kettle bell instructor, crossfit coach, trigger point therapist and specializes in rehabilitation, nutrition, supplementation for optimal health & performance, structural strength enhancement and boxing. 

Paul has also attended numerous seminars on nutrition, nutrition programming, blood work analysis, rehabilitation for the shoulders/ back/ knees & ankles.

Many of Paul's clients have trained with hiim for years, in fact 3 of his first 10 ciients from 7 years ago still train with him today.

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